Amber Rempel — Make Sure You Tell Her To Shower!

Amber Rempel — Make Sure You Tell Her To Shower!. Nik, this is Amber. She’s out Small town go getter!! Literally, will go after anything. Desperate doesn’t being to explain this mess. She finds her “meat” as we will call it on POF, Facebook dating and well she’s no stranger from going after her so called friends men either, or already committed men. I ain’t kidding when I tell you to tell her to shower first.. girl will go from 5 diffrent dicks before she cleans herself up. She’s the true definition of a ding dong ditch b1tch!! And when ya ditch her, she become that stalker lady. She steals, plays victim like ya wouldn’t beleive and has her mommy backing her no matter what. The two are quite the team…..if your lucky, you’ll get two for the price of one….. not that I advise it, nor am I certain she even charges……only her poor prey knows I guess. Can always be found with her nasty tits hanging out at the local Inn just waiting for someone to hand her her next suasage

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