Denise Dunlop — Dead Beat Speed Junkie

Well Nik this ditch pig gak head Nam is Denise Dunlop. We’ll year’s ago she rattled her boyfriend at the time and his buddy out for something that put them in jail. She wasn’t even questioned about it she just went to her probation officer and gave up the info. Then on he wedding day so many years ago on her wedding day while still in her wedding dress she had sex with a guy that was at the reception. Wow what a pig. Plus the only way she has money is if she ripps off her son or makes her son pay her to watch her grand kids. She is grand mother of the year. Now she has been dating this poor guy for 12yrs now and he has being trying to get rid of her for yrs but she stokes him and tells him she will rather him out for things if he doesn’t stay with her. Plus the only way they have sex is if she raps him when he is sleeping. She thinks it’s funny. Plus if she has something new it’s only because she stole it she has no idea what it’s like to buy something. Go smoke some more gak ur nothing but a clown.

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